A few things that are more interesting than my web page

Daily time wasters Webcomics Slashdot
Ray Tracing and Graphics POV-Ray beware - I have squandered years of my life tinkering with this program
Henrik Wann Jensen's page (photon mapping animations)
Ray Tracing News edited by Eric Haines
Physically based rendering book and ray tracer
Siggraph presentation(ppt) by Gordon Stoll on optimizing a ray tracer (covers kd-tree construction and traversal, packet tracing)
OpenRT OpenGL-like api for (quasi)real-time ray tracing
OpenGL Reference (blue book)
OpenGL Programming Guide (red book)
Ompf2 ray tracing forum (good info on accelleration structures)
Packet Radio The Personal Telco Project, a Portland OR wireless user group
MIT Roofnet, a working ad-hoc net work that uses a custom dsdv routing protocol with a reliability-based metric implemented with click (this is part of the MIT grid ad-hoc networking project)
CMU Monarch project, home of Dynamic Source Routing (DSR)
MACSS project at the UCLA Center for Embedded Network Sensing (CENS), home of much energy-constrained packet radio research
HostAP (use your linux box as an access point)
NS, the network simulator
Green Bay Professional Packet Radio has a wealth of amateur packet radio information
Wikipedia's exhaustive ad-hoc protocol list
Wikipedia's ad-hoc protocol implementation list
Satellite telemetry and other interesting info can be found at heavens above (info for Beaverton)
Linux Linux Weekly News and kernel section archives
Linux Device Drivers, 2nd edition
Linux Device Drivers, 3rd edition
Vim quick reference
Books Internet Booklist my ibl page
Project Gutenberg
Looking for something to read?
Reference Wikipedia (my account)
All you ever wanted to know about c function pointers but were afraid to ask can be found at function-pointer.org
Internet annoyance logging protocol
Developing Applications With Ocaml
Blogs and Essays Paul Graham (assorted essays on programming and culture)
Schneier on Security (cryptogram as a blog)
The Edge World Question Center
Misclaneous The Jargon File
Interactive Fiction Contest
Core Wars
Ken Thompson discusses compiler trojans
Driver Education and Europe vs Italy (flash, sound)
Some Fractals
Advice for writing a systems paper
Sekai no Hajimari, a fan site for Haibane Renmei (an excellent anime series)